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Lisa Anllo, PhD

Dr. Anllo is a Licensed Psychologist whose primary specialty is in treating adults with marital/relationship problems and problems related to sexuality for which she has advanced post-doctoral training. She also specializes in treatment of emotional distress and sexual dysfunction in cancer survivors. Find out more about her qualifications and approach to treatment at: www.drlisaanllo.com

Michael Evola, LCSW-R

Michael Evola is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience. He provides care to Adults and Couples. Areas of expertise include: depression, trauma, stress, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, and significant others of individuals experiencing substance or behavioral addictions. A sub-specialty is working with law enforcement and emergency services personnel. Michael's website is: www.michaelevola.com

Wendy Gottlieb-Sass, LCSW-R

Wendy Gottlieb-Sass is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing treatment for individuals over 18. She has advanced clinical training in individual psychotherapy from Smith College. Areas of interest are: depression and anxiety; relationship issues; family of origin and identity; women's issues; career/vocational problems; chronic illness; postpartum depression. Approach: client-centered, insight-oriented, and supportive therapies.

Edith Jacobs, PhD

Dr. Jacobs is a Licensed Psychologist with more than 25 years experience in skilled and caring psychotherapy. She treats individual adults and couples who have problems with depression, anxiety, relationships, family, aging, women’s issues, grief and work. She employs methods based on cognitive-behavioral, insight-oriented and supportive psychotherapy, in combinations that serve clients’ needs.

Sephra Rahabi-Vigna, PsyD

Dr. Rahabi-Vigna is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in child, adolescent and young adult psychology.  Common issues addressed in her practice include: child behavioral problems, familial issues, and young females with depression and anxiety.

Renee Wert, PhD

Dr. Wert is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in treatment of adults with depression, anxiety disorders including phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder, relationship problems, women's issues, traumatic life events, workplace stress, behavioral addictions or habits (spending, gambling, etc.), and family members of people experiencing substance or behavioral addictions. Approaches/strategies: Cognitive-behavioral, EMDR, mindfulness.